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Palm Treo Pro Screen Not Working

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, of all the smartphones I have available to me, the Treo Pro is the one I want for my everyday use. with sexy looookkk................... But it seems to be an avoided topic when it comes to Treo's. Generated Tue, 15 Nov 2016 03:11:48 GMT by s_fl369 (squid/3.5.20) his comment is here

It fits easily in my pocket and seems to be holding up well. I have come from a motorola Q9h global to this treo, only because the q9 dies and they are now end of life. I use mine daily in business and onl pull out the stylus if i am killing time. I think it might sometimes have to do with builds. https://www.ifixit.com/Wiki/Palm_Treo_Pro_Troubleshooting

Small Form Factor: Ditto. The 32 GB version is being developed by SanDisk. 0 8 years ago Reply The Samsung is close to the iPhone. I own a little company and this phone has had a huge impact on my productivity and I am planning to equip the entire company with Treo! I keep forgeting to flick over the switch on the Treo and when i do i forget to switch it back, missing calls.

  • I've been using a Treo 800w for a couple of weeks, and I'm disappointed with the call quality.
  • Do the following.
  • Does it have different folders or is having everything together (like on a Blackberry) an option?
  • Rating0 | Reply Report Raman Ramesh vGWf 09 Apr 2010 I have been plagued with the following issues.
  • My favorite new feature made its debut on the Treo 800w: the screensaver.
  • Then attempt to turn the phone on and use the screen.
  • New to the Treo Pro is an improved memory management system they've licensed from HTC called simply “Task Manager.” It consists of two parts.
  • Rating0 | Reply Report Tony UFGS 03 Nov 2008 Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Hi.
  • True, true.
  • That 'medium' usage included push email, at least an hour's worth of web browsing, nearly an hour's worth of calls, an hour or so of music, and easily three hours worth

to summarise I've used all manner of windows smartphones over the past few years, some have lasted about 10 minutes (jasjam, HTC Diamond etc) and some have lasted 12 months (Q9) Really, any complaints about this end of the device ring hollow -- there's a standard 3.5mm headset jack down here! I tried out a q9h for a few days, and was very impressed. A new message does not appear on the screen and it gets lodged somewhere and you need to scroll to find the message.

If not I recommend doing a hard reset on the device to resolve the problem. It will only connect when you use Wifi. Learn How to Post and More  Community News  Best of the Community Blog  Notebooks Notebook Operating System and Recovery  Notebook Boot and Lockup  Notebook Wireless and Networking  Notebook Audio  Notebook Video, After a week with the device, I'm proficient with it but not great.

Last night it woke me up at 3:45 am, with an alarm from my 6:45 wake up call, the phone read 3:45....(i thought i was losing my mind), then right in On the bottom of the Treo Pro you'll find the microphone, the 3.5mm headset jack, and the microUSB port. OFF 0 8 years ago Reply The Treo Pro reviews are MUCH better than the 800w for call clarity. The LED is invisible when it's not lit (a nice touch) and does one thing and one thing only: indicate charging status.

The D-Pad is easy to use -- the ridges are tall enough and differentiated enough from the surrounding buttons to prevent mis-pressed. Then go to the tab Advanced. The Treo Pro's real target market is business, however, and there I think it will be a qualified success. The screen saver only shows missed calls and unread text messages, not voicemail or email.

Click on "select networks". http://gnumatic.com/palm-treo/palm-treo-650-touch-screen-not-working.html Holding it down while WiFi is on turns it off. My hearing is fine, too. 0 8 years ago Reply I hated the 650s I had. 3 months in to it I went with the 700P and made the stupid decision I'm not sure what focus group convinced Palm that the side button should only work after you've held it down for several seconds, but when I find out I'm going to

Mini is in between micro and regular, but is not being developed as micro is becoming the standard. 0 8 years ago Reply Thanks. And though, for me, it felt awkward getting around in the thing, I bought one off ebay for $160 for no other reason than it's reception. Next to it is a button that hasn't made an appearance on the Treo since the Treo 600: a power button. weblink anyone helped you with this?

The problem is a result of a faulty screen or screen backlight. Go to Configuration/Connexions. Wifi works great.

Minimizing radio usage can improve battery time.

All but the heaviest of users should be getting a full day's usage off a single charge. Probably the coolest “software touch” on the Treo Pro is the fact that you don't need to download ActiveSync from Microsoft's site to sync it, nor do you have to install When the screen is off, you can have the Treo Pro display the date, time, and a few alerts. The Treo Pro's keys are slightly more spaced apart, flatter, harder, and almost imperceptibly slightly larger.

After the bar is completed, slide the back panel back into place. X1 is more expensive becouse qwerty, screen... I don't know how well iPhones perform that task, but if it's not very well, *shrugs* But yeah, I'd love it if my iPod got radio stations, too. http://gnumatic.com/palm-treo/palm-treo-680-touch-screen-not-working.html Not once have I ever said to myself "damn I wish I could listen to some FM radio right about now!" Also, anybody know what is the largest capacity microSD in

so, it's a preference thing. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Follow the motherboard repair guide here: Palm Treo Pro Motherboard Replacement Other person can’t hear me/microphone problems¶ While talking on the phone other people complain about not being able to hear The phone screen is broken¶ Insure that the phone is on, if the screen is still black then there is clearly an issue with the screen itself and therefore the screen

For heavy-duty emailers, it doesn't compare well to the more traditional Treo 800w keyboard, the Motorola Q9h's keyboard, or the BlackBerry Bold's keyboard. If your phone is no longercovered under warranty, or if they refuse the warranty, which can easily happen, as they are notorious for finding excuses not to cover you. Good luck. a unique selling point) so it could act as my main business phone.

So maybe our experiences weren't as different as I thought. Our phones are freezing up and the only way to solve it is to remove the battery, or even worse sometimes do a hard reset! That's not to say the Treo Pro is slow at all -- I still find it faster than most Windows Mobile Pro devices, just not quite as quick as the Treo The power button eliminates that by letting you just turn off and lock the screen in whatever app you're in with one press.

Look around for "Mising Sync" - that is the program you need to sync. :) Rating0 | Reply Report pao uEDc 31 Oct 2008 i think this phone has great feAtures. The only things it doesn't win on are the screen and keyboard. 0 8 years ago Reply here's the deal maker/breaker for me: SKYPE mobile? The Speaker phone volume and quality is pretty close to the q9h. He's a pretty cool Jazz Muso..

As I mentioned above, the two ports feel very sturdy. Of my quibbles with the Treo Pro, the biggest one is with the keyboard.