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stve @ Stormrider "My main gripe with Opera is their PR. Since that time he's been advocating standards, accessibility, and best-practice HTML5 techniques. So they leave, unimpressed, believing it's just another featureless browser like Firefox or Chrome, only looking weirder. Lack of bookmarklet support. http://gnumatic.com/opera-mini/opera-mini-links-not-working.html

However, I addressed the issue and the google adsense code is the cause of problem. That's what you need (I'm told) to get the same features as a bare-bones Opera installation. Chrome does an okay job, speed-wise perhaps even better than Opera, but that's lacking features I've grown to love in Opera. Remove lesser-used features from the basic browser Facilities such as Unite, Notes, some toolbars, Dragonfly, mail and chat could all be switched off by default. http://www.opera.com/whereisoperalink

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Download the new Opera, and, depending on your devices, you can sync your bookmarks, Speed Dials, open tabs, browsing history, settings and passwords. What Opera calls sync now is not very useful, and Sync of login data i not reliable because of Chromiums OS login enrcyption and storage specifics. Bunty Pundir @bunty-pundir 9 months, 2 weeks ago Hi, Thanks for reply and please visit again just for last time and let me know to confirm it. If I could change anything I'd like about Opera, I would "create the buzz" like Firefox does, and I would probably change the terminology as well.

How would you improve the browser? A friend for [y]our browser Reply Quote 0 sgunhouse last edited by It was possible to set a local server for Sync (intended for business environments), but don't ask me the joezim007 I hate the "Personal Bar". Opera Mini Link Opera isn't very good at it, and the competition seems to have far greater marketing budgets.

A single button could link to a panel where the user could choose to enable mail, chat, torrents, Unite, etc. What terminology, and what options? No-one will guess that Opera Link is a way to link your Opera instances on different computers together. http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread.php/149128-Hyperlinks-not-working-in-Opera I found that when I disable "Automatic image handling" in LB2 for image and inline, it starts to work.

Oh look at this awesome car, runs on pure sunshine but it has the shifter sticking out of the left side of the steering column! Opera Mini Login Facebook Whenever I clicked on any link of my website post, it's open for a moment then it takes me back to homepage of my website. They think Opera is just like Firefox but without extensions. When you use free services, like Opera Link and Vivaldi.net, there's not guarantee that these organizations will provide you these services for any given time.

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Remember the Internet is not just the USA or Europe it's the World Wide Web & that includes countless countries where low bandwidth is the norm (Opera Turbo) using old PC's Actually, I wondered, if Opera is of such a remarkable speed and appealing design, why in heaven's sake doesn't he use it as primary browser? Opera Link Login This shit is not working - "Unknown protocol bla bla" leocg March 2014 ↑ 0 ↓ 0 9320 posts Sync can be enabled on Opera Blink here. Opera Link Download if just dont config any mail account nothing happens, altought its quite useful, I use it and manage 4 mail accounts and more than 2000 mails with it.

Why would this be impossible in Opera? 2. http://gnumatic.com/opera-mini/opera-mini-not-working.html Even though they've never looked at – or even downloaded – the source code for Firefox, and even though Opera can already do all the stuff they need extensions for. Your article brings up a number of concrete issues that you consider to be problems with Opera. That may be a minor esoteric quirk, but it's an example of how the browser annoys new users. Opera Sync Not Working

Slowly, yes, but still. I've got a feeling that users for them are nothing but spittles on the road. It takes time and effort to get the best out of the browser. Source http://www.cemerson.co.uk Stormrider My main gripe with Opera is their PR.

It didn't really matter what they called it. Opera Speed Dial Not Syncing I have it installed and use it regularly, but it's never become my default browser. Can the browser survive if the figures continue to slide?

My only concern is how they are going to finance everything.

An advanced option within the installer or perhaps an "extra features" panel in the settings could enable them. As I've said, I also believe that Opera is a bit too discrete about its features. First, please make sure that Firefox is up to date by visiting https://whatbrowser.org/ If it is not, please try updating Firefox. My Opera Mini Is Not Responding Just started up a new Mac (64 bit) and downloaded Opera 20 - but no longer see the Sidebar or Link available.

WebDezein @ggbusta 9 months, 2 weeks ago I am just taking a shot here. Give me some clue what I'm doing wrong when some special whatsit doesn't work the way everywhere on the web says it should. And you are moaning about Opera? have a peek here SitePoint does not interest the majority of non-technical web users.

Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. ----------------------------------------------------- Access is denied. Besides, Opera allows other bars to appear below the address? Their constant moaning about things Microsoft do, and picking out the tiniest flaws and getting the EU to act on silly things doesn't do their reputation any favours IMO. Is it legal to index into a struct?

I honestly hope they never do, if it means becoming just a useless Firefox lookalike as you suggest. If that does not resolve the issue, try switching to the Twenty Sixteen theme to rule-out a theme-specific issue. Where/when are you seeing this error message?