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Oracle 9i Scott Tiger Not Working


If you did create a database at installation time then you would have been prompted to enter a password for SYS and SYSTEM. One path to standardizing on a reporting and visualization tool Most enterprises want to standardize on a single BI reporting tool, but change is hard. ask your DBA for the correct connect string. TNS protocol adapter Error April 11, 2011 - 5:03 am UTC Reviewer: Md.

What I mean is that we want encrypted data transfer between Database Server and Web Server. Thank you B. You should be able to log into the OS directly. ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied I am using Oracle 11g XE Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * Website Next post: Oracle 10G Express Edition   ORA-01450: Maximum Key Length Exceeded http://searchoracle.techtarget.com/answer/Unable-to-enter-database-with-scott/tiger

How To Create Scott Schema In Oracle 11g

thanks in advance john Followup May 10, 2005 - 11:31 pm UTC do not login as the software owner or anyone in the OS group that is allowed to just log Thanks Followup October 19, 2004 - 8:44 pm UTC well, curious how a cut and paste could add "and" but... Oracle shall not be liable for any damages, including, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or data use, incurred by you or any third ORA-12560 August 23, 2009 - 4:07 am UTC Reviewer: ali from india DEAR tom while starting up database, i am grtting following error ERROR: Error while trying to retrieve text for

  1. ldr.log showed the following SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Sat Nov 27 17:26:25 2004 Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation.
  2. Enter user-name: sys/[email protected] as sysdba ERROR: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges Enter user-name: Thanks Followup October 19, 2004 - 1:06 pm UTC kindly connect in the same fashion both times sqlplus /nolog SQL>
  3. However when I try to connect through SQL server it throws 'cannot initialize the datasource object of ole db provider msdaora for linked server' 'ole db provider msdaora return message 'ORA-12560
  4. Search the control panel for "env", then create a New value We set TNS_ADMIN = /app/me.user/product/11.2.0/client_1/network/admin your path may vary.
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  6. Also, sql developer?

have you set up your password file for remote administration? On windows , right click MyComputer, go to Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, Edit PATH variable Tns protocol adapter error January 16, 2013 - 4:56 am UTC Reviewer: sudha from India thanqq.... you are client server??? Create User Scott Identified By Tiger given your example: sqlplus sys/[email protected] as sysbda ^^^^ sid2 in that connect is a tns connect string, it'll be translated into something that contains the oracle sid, the oracle sid it

What could be the problem? Unable to connect as user July 28, 2005 - 1:49 am UTC Reviewer: Ram from India Hi, I have created an user with sysdba privilege. Both are set remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive. https://docs.oracle.com/html/B10163_01/username.htm This worked! ----------------------------------- This is the answer.

did the logs from the install look clean? How To Create Scott User In Oracle 12c control file ldr.ctl contains this :- LOAD DATA infile 'c:\stud.csv' replace into table stud fields terminated by ',' optionally enclosed by '"' TRAILING NULLCOLS (rollno , name ) 3. Connect as sysdba doesn't work March 16, 2004 - 6:59 am UTC Reviewer: Michael from Germany Hi Tom! click the start..

How To Unlock Scott User In Oracle 11g Express Edition

try this sqlplus /nolog SQL> connect sys as sysdba if that doesn't "just connect" you are no logged into the OS as an account in the right group (the one that https://asktom.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=100:11:0::::P11_QUESTION_ID:940042518290 October 20, 2004 - 1:31 pm UTC Reviewer: A reader Hi Tom You are great. How To Create Scott Schema In Oracle 11g SQL> startup nomount pfile=c:\oracle\ora92\database\initora922.ora ORA-01031: insufficient privileges SQL> Followup November 24, 2005 - 5:12 pm UTC it would not be asking for a password for a local connection. How To Add Scott Schema To My Database sct start the service..

Thanks. Now I am getting ""ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error ". No, create an account now. i take enjoy about this database.One day when i login sql*plus at that time error can occur.The type of error is "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error". Scott Tiger Schema Download

Error resolved after going in to services.msc and manually restarting the service. SQL> connect sys/[email protected] as sysdba; ERROR: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied and now networkpw is no longer the password... Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE. when i enter the scott/tiger as user/password, it not except. My application does not allow me to login as conn username/password as sysdba; I can only connect as conn username/password, with the user having sysdba privileges.

make sure your tnsnames.ora file is set up correctly. User Scott Does Not Exist With scott/tiger, it is giving TNS protocal adapter error and with sys/sys as sysdba, it is showing invalid username and password. Followup April 04, 2005 - 6:51 am UTC then you are not logged into the OS as someone allowed to.

you should NOT be able to connect sys/password at all, that should be NOT PERMITTED it is never necessary.

March 28, 2010 - 4:45 am UTC Reviewer: A reader Ora-12560 TNS Adapter error April 12, 2010 - 10:44 pm UTC Reviewer: Dhiraj from INDIA Dear Tom, i installed Oracle10g on Why "conn sys/[email protected]/sugar as sysdba" always failed, but "conn sys/change_on_install as sysdba" OK ? 2. SYSTEM includes AQ_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE, DBA, and SALES_HISTORY_ROLE database role. User Scott Does Not Exist In Oracle 10g SQL> conn sys as sysdba Kennwort eingeben: ERROR: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist SQL> conn sys as sysdba; Kennwort eingeben: ERROR: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

I don't know what you did really or if you have a password file setup or anything. I get a "TNS PROTOCOL" error. Table 11-2 describes accounts and passwords. PLZ REPLY.

Please can you tell me how to connect to remote database without password? If you have it does not automatically imply that it was created by the 11g install/database creation. Per your suggestion, I went to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services and restarted both the OracleXETNSListener and the OracleServiceXE. Database opened.

Followup November 21, 2003 - 7:29 am UTC go talk to your OS admin, they've put everyone in the "power user group" also, whats in your sqlnet.ora any user can connect Blockchain use cases evoke hope, skepticism for savvy C-suite leaders Many in the financial space -- not to mention other areas -- are pinning high hopes on Blockchain, a type of read about about the init.ora settings, getting the passwords synced up and so on. Williams Oracle DBA Author, Professional .NET Oracle Programming http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=378 Using "as sysdba" within a Unix shell script July 20, 2004 - 1:10 pm UTC Reviewer: Marc Paquin from Montreal, Quebec,